Happy National Doctor’s Day

Happy National Doctor’s Day!

Happy National Doctor’s Day!

Every year there are special days where we recognize the special people in our lives. At Altus Biologics, March 30th is one of these special occasions because it’s when we celebrated National Doctor’s Day!

People have always come together to show appreciation for their doctors, but in 1933, the first organized Doctor’s Day took place. However, it wasn’t until February 21st,1991, that then-president George H.W. Bush proclaimed the day as National Doctors Day, giving everyone in the country a chance to show their gratitude.

Doctor’s Day is a national observance dedicated to honor and celebrate the work, dedication, and many contributions of physicians across the country who, thanks to their vocation, help improve our nation’s health and quality of life.

Thanks to Our Partner Physicians

Altus Biologics is fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside talented and dedicated physicians who specialize in treating chronic and often debilitating conditions.

We know first-hand our healthcare environment is more complex than ever before. The challenges presented to us due to the pandemic during the last year served to highlight physicians’ invaluable work not only in our country but around the world.

Our gratitude and admiration go out to every doctor who continuously risks their lives to protect us. Rest assured, the sacrifices you’ve had to make have not gone unnoticed.

We are incredibly thankful to all of Altus Biologics physician partners and their staff, who did everything they could to continue providing care for their chronic disease patients despite what seemed like insurmountable challenges.

We are honored and proud for the chance to work with you and to help care for your patients.

So while today is a day to honor all physicians, whether they work in hospitals, our military, big cities, and rural communities, we want to send a special thank you to all chronic disease specialty doctors for the significant contributions to the well-being and improved quality of life of their patients.

From all of us at Altus Biologics, we thank you for your dedication and hope you enjoy this special day!

Happy National Doctor’s Day
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